All our thoughts and positive energy are with you guys. We sincerely hope you manage these uncommon events in the best way. We hope you and your loved ones are safe.
It has been 6 days since the lockdown begun in Spain, and 5 days since land borders between Spain, Portugal and France are closed. Today we have 20 000 detected corona virus cases in Spain, one of the most affected countries in Europe, after Italy. Due to our delicate situation, and the different problem solving stages that we had to go through in the last 6 day, we wanted to share our experience with you. This is a special edition, we hope to be back on track soon and continue our regular videos and sailing adventures around the world. We can be considered as lucky because we are already isolated on our sailboat. That is one extremely positive point, but due to this same situation we had to manage other problems as weather condition and water quantities on board during this week. We decided to try to sail back to our home country, France. First step was to pass the Portuguese border before it’s closure. Unfortunately weather conditions didn’t let us do so, and we managed to find shelter in the river of Guadalquivir. The next morning we reached out to the nearest harbor, but they refused to accept us due to emergency state. Our water tanks were on 1/3 and with baby Tara, we needed to find a safer place than staying where we were. We waited the wind to be favorable and on the 3rd day of lockdown we navigated 3 hours further back to Cadiz. We were relieved, they we’re still open and accepted to have us. We had shelter and water, we now had to find food and establish a protocol to break the chain of the infection and create a safe zone inside the boat. We here wanted to share our experience, our way of managing this situation, tell us what you think of it.
Stay safe and take care of each others.
All our loves with you,

Tara, Dani, Marv


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