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In this episode we sail from Barbate, the town of tuna towards Cadiz, Spain.
We are really starting to enjoy sailing on the Atlantic Ocean. Summer is near and we truly feel the great difference between now and our winter beginnings on the Mediterranean Sea.
During our sail Marvin spotted something very strange offshore. A guy, on a pedal-boat, all alone in the middle of nothing. He leave us astonished by his courage to pedal that far from the coast. Dani will take the time to introduce you some lines and work around them on a sailing vessel. It’s pretty much simple: there’s always something to do.
Our next stop during this world tour is Conil de Frontera. A surprisingly well protected anchorage in front of a small beach. At our arrival we hoped to be able to visit it, but it turned out, the ground is full of rocks and we decided not to take risks with our dinghy. We still found a way to enjoy this stop and we will soon pull up the anchor to continue our navigation in the direction of Portugal.
We hope you enjoyed,

Tara, Marv, Dani

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