Welcome to this beautiful episode. I can sincerely say that this is my favorite so far.
We survived to Gloria, We came back from Serbia, and we are back to some serious sailing again. In this episode you will see how we spent our last days in Aguadulce (Spain), our winter shelter. We prepare our sailboat for further adventures. We menage to finish everything, to fit all of our « vehicles » in the storage cabin that this Beneteau sailboat offers. With one hour of delay we begin again to move on this voyage around the world. I missed this nomad lifestyle, and when the sun rises the next morning over the sea, I will be even more sure of my feeling. The feeling when you love exploring new places, living exciting moments and learning new things every day. This feeling. So…why is this my very favorite episode? Well, we were very lucky to discover a beautiful show that Mother Nature put on for us. Incredible creatures that we met on our way, dolphins. We all know them, maybe we saw them, but…live this moment…leaves me clearly without words. These are the so-called pilot whales, and I find that they moved with such grace and dignity, they were perfect. I leave you enjoy their appearance without putting further words on the indescriptible.

Thanks for catching, we’ll be back next week!

Sea Sheperd “Dolphin Bycatch” :

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