Icarus Project


This is where two projects meet. Pushing our mental and physical limits, respecting the nature and including our family lives into it: we instantly understood each other. ICARUS and Nomad Citizen will realize a crazy global projet together. ICARUS Project: Two ordinary guys having un extraordinary goal. Climb the seven highest mountain tops of seven different continents and connect those points with non motorized locomotion (walking, riding a bicycle, sailing, …)

Here we come into the picture. Nomad Citizen will provide the mothership and the sailing experience needed to support the maritime part of Icarus Project. With our unconventional world tour we combine our navigations with those of Matt et Loury and we collabore to make the uncommon happen. We will support as many of their expeditions as possible during 7 years of 7 chapters. Apart the navigation, we will assist Icarus in their expeditions with providing security during crossings, weather forecast, media coverage, support and contact.