Here we are in Spain and locked down.
In this episode you will see our last few days before getting to the harbor of Cadiz, where we will stay several weeks during the strict lockdown due to Covid19.
We wake up in the anchorage in front the beach of Conil de Frontera and we put up our sails to continue this tour around the globe, not knowing that is waiting for us. Sailing around the world is full of surprises, but this one we couldn’t have imagined.
We navigate through a few hours and the moment when we arrive to an anchorage in front of Cadiz, the Spanish gouvernement annonce strict measures to protect the population: lockdown. It is permitted only to get out of your homes to buy necessary groceries, medications or to go to the hospital.
We also hear that borders between Spain and Portugal will be closed, so we decide to head to Portugal earlier than expected. We hoist our sails and we sail through the night, but at one point Marvin had to take the difficult decision to turn back. There was clearly a storm in head of us. Me already being seasick it was the right decision for our safety.
We then managed take shelter in the River of Guadalquivir and the next day we decide to go back to Cadiz.
We arrive to the harbor with our emergency flags out just in case. Our water tanks were almost empty and we have been refused in the nearest harbor to Guadalquivir when we contacted them earlier.
Everything goes perfectly, despite the strong wind and we are truly happy to feel safe and attached.
To finish this episode filled with emotions we show you the harbor where we will spend the lockdown in our sailboat.
Hope you enjoyed tis one, we are working hard to transmit what is happening to us in the most precise way.
Stay safe and see you next week,

Tara, Dani, Marv

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