About Us

The idea of Nomad Citizen was born in 2018. It began as a small family project to change our lives, but rapidly it grew into something greater. We constructed it actively brick by brick during one year and we hoisted our sails in November 2019 to realize our dreams. 

Nomad Citizen is based on a sailboat (Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 473) sailing around the world. This is un unconventional voyage respecting seas and oceans of our lovely Planet Earth, being as ecological as possible. Our goal is to show a possibility of living differently, of an alternative lifestyle, one of many that exist. « We have no limits to our world. We’re only limited by our imagination. » someone once said. We imagined a world where you need less, a minimalist lifestyle where you can live in a bikini and create your memories with actions, not with things. Time is precious and we try to spend together as a nomad family exploring, learning, laughing. Another thing that is precious is our health, it is not in our culture to actively prevent disease and aging, but it is the most simple thing to do. We would humbly like to show our style of preserving mental and physical health capital. We didn’t invent anything, we simply follow recommendations. This is where nutrition and sport enter the scene and where ancient and modern merge. For us the answer was in practicing meditation, yoga and crossfit regularly and the key in a healthy lifestyle and a balanced nutrition. What else? We travel, discover, put our selves in unknown positions, make ourselves think out of the box, move from our confort zones, speak new languages, learn things every day and this is where you come into the picture. We would like to show you how life surprises us on our journey and how this project evolves on the way. We founded a YouTube Channel to introduce magnificent landscapes, adventures and fun into your homes.

The Crew


Born in France. He spent his childhood between Brittany and the Reunion Island, always close to the sea. He explored the beauty of the ocean around his hometown on his grandpa’s 22 feet boat Cassiopée. At 18, he joined the French Navy. Rapidly he became a Petty Officer, continuing to spend a lot of time on water. After 6 years in the Navy he launched his own project. His goal was to promote better health through balanced nutrition and regular sport activities. He created a Sport Club in South of France and since 2011, he met and influenced more than 5000 people.
This is where our paths crossed in 2013.


Born in Yugoslavia, today’s territory of Serbia. There she spent a very fulfilled childhood in the 90’s until external circumstances made her family move to Hungary. Always drawn to learning new things and trying new sports, she developed a passion for health in her teenage years. That is why she chose to orient her studies on the medical field after her graduation. She obtained her DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree in 2012. As exploring the world was in her veins she decided to move to South of France and there start her mission of educating and helping patients maintain good health.
We met in 2013 and instantly felt there was a common language despite the different origins.


Tara came into our lives in 2018 and it was she, who encouraged us to find an alternative way of living. We started developing our project to bring together every aspect of our lives that we found important. Taking care of our minds, our bodies and our Planet, because that’s all we have.