Unbelievable! 10th Episode!
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In this special episode you will see how our little nomad crew survived to storm Gloria (or how Tara sleeps as a perfect baby on the sailboat). Even though we were in the harbor of Aguadulce we checked the weather, since this storm was well announced. We went sleeping with serenity, until a big BOOM woke us up. Pretty frightening to wake up this way when you are dreaming about sailing in Bahamas, with transparent waters and clear sky. We called for assistance and our sailboat was attached, looking back, it surely seemed lot more frightening from inside the boat with all the noises than it really was. Sailing around the world always reserves you some nice surprises. We put this behind us and since the bikini season is ON, we went to the beach near our harbor in South of Spain to enjoy our last day at this point of the Mediterranean. In this episode I also talk a little bit about Lake Palic, since we flew to Serbia to visit my family. Happiness is all around as we watch with excitement our first apparition on a local tv. To finish the episode we announce our collaboration with ICARUS Project. Matt and Loury want to ascend seven highest mountain tops of seven different continents through seven years of expeditions, and their goal is to connect these points with non motorized ways of locomotion. Nomad Citizen will assure as many maritime connections as possible to participate in the expeditions and discover the globe.

Thanks for catching, we’ll be back next week!

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